23rd November 2022, Mosjøen, Norway

Norsk e-Fuel has secured access to additional land in Vefsn municipality for future business expansion. With the first e-Fuel plant of Norsk e-Fuel being built in Mosjøen, also situated in the municipality, the company counts on a sustainable and long-term use of existing and future infrastructures. The planned development of the industrial sites around Mosjøen such as Nyland Øst follow the municipality’s goal to establish the region as key location in Norway for green industry.

Existing industrial history, the drive to establish the region as hub for renewable industry and favorable energy prices make Vefsn municipality in Northern Norway a unique location for sustainable businesses. Already in February 2022, the project development company Norsk e-Fuel has secured a 24,000 square meters large plot in Mosjøen, Vefsn municipality, for the construction of their first e-Fuel plant. Norsk e-Fuel and Vefsn municipality have now agreed to work together closely on developing industrial sites such as Nyland Øst to drive the establishment of new green industry in the region. Norsk e-Fuel is now first in line to secure up to 80,000 square meters of additional space to prepare for major business expansions and the increase the production of sustainable aviation fuel. This will allow Norsk e-Fuel to make long-term use of existing and future established infrastructures and to benefit from the unique conditions the region has to offer.

“We believe, Mosjøen and the adjacent region such as Nyland Øst are the perfect location for our company to build up the e-Fuel industry and to expand our business quickly. Not only is the region already an established industrial hub, but it is ready to create sustainable growth and is working closely with us to achieve this.”, says Lars-Bjørn Larsen, CCO of Norsk e-Fuel.



About Norsk e-Fuel

Norsk e-Fuel AS is a leading industrial consortium that has joined forces to create a sustainable fuel that will realize a climate-neutral transport sector, especially in industries that are difficult to electrify – such as the aviation industry. The company's first production facility will be located in Mosjøen, northern Norway, and will produce renewable fuel from CO2 and water using 100% Norwegian renewable electricity.

Norsk e-Fuel was founded in 2019 as a project development company. The joint venture consists of five partners: Sunfire GmbH, the world's leading PtL technology provider; Climeworks AG, the pioneer in CO2 air capture technology; Paul Wurth SA (SMS group), a leading international EPC company for steelmakers; the Norwegian Clean-Tech investment company Valinor, the parent company of Norsk Vind; and lux-Airport, aerodrome operator of Luxembourg Airport.

Contact: Luisa Wagner, Communication & Corporate Development,


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