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renewable aviation



We turn CO2 and water into the sustainable fuel of the future

The need to rapidly reduce GHG emissions was never more urgent than today. We at Norsk e-Fuel rise to preserve our climate and make aviation sustainable by providing renewable, synthetic fuels to the aviation industry. Determined to always offer the most efficient solutions we are turning what we have into what we need for a world without fossil fuels.

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Why e-Fuels?

The world needs renewable energy carriers to take on the greatest challenge of our time – the climate crisis. International scientists and councils like the IEA, the IPCC and the World Economic Forum agree that e-Fuels offer unique advantages and are a necessity for industries like aviation to meet global climate ambitions. They allow us to…


...use existing infrastructures

e-Fuels are certified for use today without creating the need to build new airplanes or adjust internation infrastructures for refueling. Existing planes, pipelines, and distribution channels are already available worldwide. 


...avoid 99% GHG emissions

By using recycled CO2 from biogenic sources and direct air capture, e-Fuels reduce the GHG emissions of a plane by up to 100% in comparison to the use of fossil fuel. In addition, they burn cleaner, have no sulphur content, reduce particle emission and result in less contrails.


...save limited resources

In comparison to biofuels, e-Fuel production is eight times more efficient on land use, needs 95 % less water, and does not compete with the production of food crops. We can leave fossil-based energy carriers where they belong and where they permanently store CO2 - beneath the surface.


...fly long-distance

e-Fuel has a higher density than hydrogen and is lighter and more space-efficient than batteries. This makes e-Fuel a perfect solution for long-distance flights, where greater amounts of energy are necessary.


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As a project developer, we build on decades of experience and a strong network of partners.

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We strive to be as efficient as possible in all aspects of production, from use of power and CO2 all the way to our products. 

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We are determined to have our first three plants producing 250 million liters of e-Fuel operational by 2030. 

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