Supplying your
    renewable fuel. Unlimited.

    On the road to climate neutral transportation

We exist to make transportation renewable

By substituting fossil crude oil through
renewable fuel

Generated from CO2 and water using 100 % Norwegian renewable electricity

To achieve climate neutral transportation

Converting renewable electricity, saving the earth

"Norsk e-Fuel realizes the European lighthouse project
in order to bring society a step closer towards a sustainable future
by focusing on our goal to achieve climate neutral transportation."


Registered in Norway, the consortium combines technological force and industrial strength. Powered by Sunfire’s and Climeworks’ proprietary technology based on worldwide patents we strive to make climate neutral transportation possible: We bring together Sunfire’s most efficient and economic electroylzers and Climeworks’ state-of-the-art Direct Air Capture technology. Paul Wurth (SMS group), one of the world leading EPC partners will provide the necessary know-how to make industrialisation possible. Combined with their corporate strength and with Valinor’s local competence and expertise for the Norwegian energy market we will make the goal of climate neutral transportation a reality.

The demonstration:
10 Million liters of renewable fuel

Within the next 3 years, we will start operating our first industrial plant in Herøya providing 10 million liters of renewable fuel annually for the Norwegian and European fuels market. The site in Herøya offers access to crucial infrastructures needed for the pilot plant to be a success.

The roll-out:
100 Million liter blue print plant

The location of the first plant in Herøya perfectly fits the needs for the envisioned upscaling. With a production capacity of 100 Million liters annually, the plant layout will serve as blueprint for following nationwide roll-out. One full-sized plant would effectively cut the current flight emissions of the top 5 most frequently serviced flight routes within Norway by about 50 %.

The Future:
climate neutral transportation

We make the conversion of Norway extensive renewable electricity resources to renewable fuels possible. The technologies of Sunfire and Climeworks allow us to be independent and flexible so we can go wherever renewable electricity is abundantly available.

"We are honored to welcome the establishment of Norsk e-Fuel in Norway and believe this will have strong impact in the promotion of energy efficient and economic Power-to-Liquid pathway in Europe. The technology behind Norsk e-Fuel is a powerful addition to Norway’s ambition in creating successful energy transition, and we look forward to future cooperation to support large scale production"


The proprietary and patented technology of Sunfire and Climeworks is what makes us unique

We offer

| best economics and highest efficiency

| our unique fully integrated process converting CO2 and H2O to fuel using 100 % renewable Norwegian electricity

| processes covered by Sunfire’s and Climeworks’ worldwide base patents

| strong capabilities and experience in EPC and industrialization through Paul Wurth (SMS group)

| support through the Norwegian renewable energy expert Valinor

| CO2 supply independent of point sources through Direct Air Capture technology allowing access to green field installations and cheap electricity

| 30 % more renewable fuel from a given amount of renewable electricity than anyone else

| to do it over and over again, being at the core of the carbon cycle

Presenting Norsk e-Fuel, the carbon cycle and more

Presenting Norsk e-Fuel, the Carbon Cycle and More

  Watch the video

Presentation of Norsk e-Fuel by Karl Hauptmeier, Managing Director Norsk e-Fuel. Taken from the Webinar: “Norsk e-Fuel: Leading the Way to Renewable Aviation”, 17th of June 2020. 

Watch the full version of the webinar

Bringing together the Team of the Winners

We unite world-class crucial know-how, proprietary technology and over 190 years of experience combined. The consortium of world leading partners who own the critical and unique IP for the business model and the local competence gives us a competitive advantage far beyond the technology. Working together for the common vision of cleaner and better future in transportation we will bring out the best of all and create significant synergies. What one company cannot achieve alone, we can do together.


Technology leader Power-to-Liquid with Solid Oxide Cell Technology and world-wide patents: Sunfire enables the conversion of renewable electricity to fuel with top efficiency.

More information on sunfire.de


Climeworks' direct air capture technology supports you in achieving your climate targets. The air-captured CO2 can be used as a feedstock for a sustainable industry or removed from the air completely by storing it safely and permanently underground.

More information on climeworks.com

Paul Wurth (SMS-Group)

As a leading technology provider and plant builder, primarily to the steel industry, Paul Wurth is committed to contribute its engineering and project execution competences to a climate-friendly transformation of the industry.

More Information on paulwurth.com


Norwegian family owned investment company specializing in sustainable solutions: Valinor makes early-stage investments in cutting-edge companies to enable solutions for tomorrow.

More information on valinor.no

The Team that makes it happen

Karl Hauptmeier
Managing Director

Carl Berninghausen
(Sunfire GmbH)
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Terje Osmundsen 
(Empower New Energy AS)
Board of Directors

Dr. Christoph Gebald
(Climeworks AG)
Board of Directors

Frank Wagener
(Paul Wurth S.A.)
Board of Directors

Pål Selboe Valseth
(Valinor AS)
Board of Directors

Dr. Horst Kappes
(Paul Wurth S.A.)
Board of Directors

Further information

Norsk e-Fuel is planning Europe’s first commercial plant for renewable aviation fuel in Norway. The leading industry consortium joins forces to make unlimited renewable fuel a reality to achieve climate-neutral transportation. Located in Herøya, Porsgrunn, Norsk e-fuel is generating renewable fuels from CO2 & water using 100 % renewable electricity. The output of the first plant will provide enough to cut CO2 emissions of the top five domestic aviation routes in Norway in half.


There are currently no vacancies at Norsk e-Fuel.



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