30th January 2024, Milan (Italy)

  • NextChem Tech will apply its proprietary Catalytic Partial Oxidation technology (NX CPO), an advanced process to produce synthesis gas
  • The contract is related to the development of an industrial scale plant to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from green hydrogen and CO2 in Mosjøen, Norway

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From left to right: Salvador Cano (Paul Wurth), Maria del Camino Palacio Prada (Paul Wurth),  Mohammed Nafid (NextChem Tech). Karl Hauptmeier (CEO, Norsk e-Fuel)

MAIRE announces that NEXTCHEM (Sustainable Technology Solutions), through its subsidiary NextChem Tech, has signed a contract with Paul Wurth S.A., a subsidiary of SMS group (‘Paul Wurth'), and Norsk e-Fuel AS (‘Norsk e-Fuel’) for a licensing and engineering design package relating to NX CPO to be applied in the first industrial scale plant able to produce SAF from green hydrogen and biogenic CO2 in Mosjøen, Norway. This will be the first factory being developed by Norsk e-Fuel AS a Norwegian project developer backed by a strong shareholder group including among others Paul Wurth.

NextChem Tech will apply its proprietary NX CPO[1] technology, an advanced innovative process to produce synthesis gas via a controlled partial oxidation, through a very fast reaction. When applied to synthetic fuel production, this versatile technology is contributing to improve carbon efficiency recovery yield.

The first plant developed by Norsk e-Fuel will have a production capacity of 40 000 tpa of e-Fuels to enter operation after 2026. Based on the initial design, two additional facilities with a capacity of approx. 80 000 tpa each are planned to be built by 2030. The aim is to effectively reduce current flight emissions by leveraging the use of cutting-edge technologies to produce e-Fuels.

Alessandro Bernini, CEO of MAIRE, commented: “We are proud of being part of this breakthrough technological initiative with SMS group and Norsk e-Fuel aimed at industrializing e-Fuels production in Norway for aviation.

“Our collaboration with NextChem Tech is another step towards improving carbon efficiency of our production processes while simultaneously reducing costs. We are grateful for this impactful partnership and look forward to the seamless integration of all technology components", says Karl Hauptmeier, CEO Norsk e-Fuel.

“Having NextChem Tech on board completes the overall picture of technology providers involved in the Project. This collaboration enables Nork e-Fuel to improve process efficiency and competitiveness in the e-Fuels market. With now all partners on board and having the FEED study started, we are confident to bring this project to an historical success” says Paul Tockert, Executive Vice President Metallurgy SMS group.


[1] NX CPO (Catalytic Partial Oxidation) technology, constitutes a solution for syngas production. Hydrocarbon or biobased feedstocks undergo a controlled partial oxidation in presence of a catalyst that facilitates the conversion into syngas through an entirely heterogeneous very fast reaction.


About Norsk e-Fuel

Norsk e-Fuel was founded in 2019 to drive the transition to renewable aviation by establishing the industrial production of sustainable fuels based on CO2 and water.

Supported by strategic investors and carefully selected partners, Norsk e-Fuel is set to bring Power-to-Liquid production to industrial scale. As project developer, Norsk e-Fuel is establishing large-scale production sites to deliver synthetic fuels to the aviation industry. The company is determined to develop a new value-chain for sustainable fuels, starting with a first production facility to be located in Mosjøen, Norway.

Contact: Luisa Wagner, Communications & Corporate Development, +49 176 84639058,


About Paul Wurth

SMS group is renowned worldwide for its future-oriented technologies and outstanding service for the metals industry. The company applies its 150 years of experience and its digital know-how to provide the industry continuously with innovative products and processes – even beyond its core business. Paving the way for a carbon-neutral and sustainable metals industry is the company’s stated goal.

As a member of SMS group, Paul Wurth is an established technology provider and plant builder for the global ironmaking industry. Presently, the company is focusing on the development of innovative solutions to lead the green transformation of the (steel) industry, as well as actively shaping the production of e-Fuels in order to enable the aviation industry to reach its net-zero emission targets.




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