October, Fornebu, Norway

Norsk e-Fuel and Carbon Centric have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, where Carbon Centric will be responsible for the production and delivery of CO2 for Norsk e-Fuel's production of sustainable aviation fuel made from water, CO2 and 100 % renewable Norwegian energy.

Carbon Centirc_Norsk e-Fuel

Picture: Kenneth Juul, CCO, Carbon Centric and Lars Bjørn Larsen, CCO, Norsk e-Fuel

CO2 is one of the main feedstocks to produce e-Fuels. To cater for the site-independent and circular production of e-Fuels, it is Norsk e-Fuel’s core and long-term vision to use CO2 captured directly from air (DAC). While Climeworks’ latest DAC technology will be integrated in the production process in Mosjøen, the company will still rely on point sources to complement the CO2 supply. This makes “carbon capture as a service” partners such as Carbon Centric essential, as they are providing access to the feedstock and respective infrastructure for the growing Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) industry.

“Carbon Centric is a preferred partner for us, as they have taken an early and clear position in the emerging CO value chains, and thus can deliver the CO2 we need to be able to produce e-fuel. We see that together we can create valuable synergies, as we both build a portfolio of production facilities. Carbon Centric has secured a solid position in a future growing market, and we are very proud to be able to work with them in the future”, says Lars Bjørn Larsen, CCO in Norsk e-Fuel.

Carbon Centric is in the process of building a platform to handle all aspects of the new CO2 industry. This platform will aggregate recycled CO2 from several different emission sources. Based on this, Carbon Centric will deliver pure and liquid CO2 to the planned production facility of Norsk e-Fuel in Mosjøen. In the long term, the platform will also be able to deliver CO2 to permanent storage sites.

“We are pleased to announce a collaboration with Norsk e-Fuel. The airline industry demands SAF, and in Norway, we are in a good position to produce e-Fuel. In addition to decarbonizing the airline industry, the cooperation with Norsk e-Fuel helps us accelerate the development of capture capacity, which the world needs a lot of in the years to come”, says Kenneth Juul, CCO at Carbon Centric.



About Norsk e-Fuel

Norsk e-Fuel AS is a leading industrial consortium that has joined forces to create a sustainable fuel that will realize a climate-neutral transport sector, especially in industries that are difficult to electrify – such as the aviation industry. The company's first production facility will be located in Mosjøen, northern Norway, and will produce renewable fuel from CO2 and water using 100% Norwegian renewable electricity.

Norsk e-Fuel was founded in 2019 as a project development company and currently has 6 employees. Additional engineering and planning resources are offered through the consortium's partners. The joint venture consists of five partners: Sunfire GmbH, the world's leading PtL technology provider; Climeworks AG, the pioneer in CO2 air capture technology; Paul Wurth SA (SMS group), a leading international EPC company for steelmakers; the Norwegian Clean-Tech investment company Valinor, the parent company of Norsk Vind; and lux-Airport, aerodrome operator of Luxembourg Airport.

Contact: Samuel Schuster,


About Carbon Centric

Carbon Centric is a pure play carbon capture service and origination company which is actively working to reduce global carbon emissions by accelerating the implementation and roll-out of carbon capture capabilities in waste-to-energy and biomass-to-energy plants. To install carbon capture capacity at a high pace, Carbon Centric is catering for both the CCU (CO2 of high biogenic content to industrial applications) and CCS (CO2 hubs through industrial partners) market.

Through technology partners and EPC contractor KANFA (100% subsidiary of Technip Energies), Carbon Centric is equipped to capture CO2 from various industrial processes to offer Carbon-Capture as a Service (CCaaS). Carbon Centric is a spin-off of Østfold Energi AS, which is a Norwegian producer of renewable energy (hydropower and thermal energy in district heating networks). Carbon Centric has access to highly skilled industry professionals and back-office support through agreement with Østfold Energi. 

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