28th February 2022, Mosjøen, Norway

To make flying cleaner, aviation depends on renewable, synthetic fuels. That is why the industrial consortium Norsk e-Fuel will build its first innovative renewable fuel plant in Mosjøen industrial area. Together with Vefsn municipality and Mosjøen og Omegn Næringsselskap KF (MON) Norsk e-Fuel signed the official options agreement today.

On a 24,000 square meters large plot, Norsk e-Fuel will convert CO2 & water into e-fuels (synthetic fuels) for the decarbonization of the hard-to-electrify sectors such as the aviation industry. The plant will use 100 % renewable electricity from the region.

Norsk e-Fuel is a pioneer in the field of production of green hydrogen-based fuels and opts for a unique approach: Innovative direct air capture technology from Climeworks is integrated in the production process, filtering CO2 from the atmosphere. The CO2 is later together with water processed to e-fuels with the electrolyzers from the Dresden-based company Sunfire at the core of the conversion process.

The industrial consortium which not only includes the leading international tech companies Sunfire and Climeworks, but also the Norwegian green investment company Valinor and the world-leading EPC Paul Wurth/SMS group will begin construction of their first plant at Nesbruket area in 2023. Start of production is then planned for 2024, with initial volumes of 12,5 million liters of e-Fuel. In a subsequent scale-up, the production output of the plant will be doubled to 25 million litres of e-Fuel in 2026.

Before the consortium decided on the site in northern Norway, various alternatives were examined. “For us, conditions in Mosjøen are very attractive”, says Karl Hauptmeier, the Managing Director of Norsk e-Fuel. “The region has a substantial surplus of renewable power at competitive and stable prices.”

In addition to good power conditions, Mosjøen can provide all the necessary competencies and know-how for the consortium to realize its plans because of a solid supplier industry and access to crucial infrastructures including direct access to shipping facilities. “Here we can demonstrate cutting-edge technological solutions to the global green shift with great value-added potential for Norway and the region”, adds Hauptmeier.

Norsk e-Fuel receives great support from Vefsn municipality and MON. The region has a strong industrial history and tradition. The approach of prolonging and circularizing the lifespan of CO2  fits very well with the strategy of Vefsn municipality to position themselves as Norway’s leading location for CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization) initiatives. Together with other CCU actors in the region, the municipality has a strong basis to become an innovative, competitive, and leading player in the rising industry.

“The establishment of Norsk e-Fuel is very much in line with the ambitions we have for Vefsn, becoming a leading hub for CCU initiatives in Norway.”, says Berit Hundåla, Mayor Vefsn Municipality. “This is a goal we have worked strategically to achieve and will continue to work for in the future. In Vefsn we believe that the CCU industry will be an important piece in solving the climate challenges, and thus we welcome Norsk E-fuel and their innovative technology to our municipality.”



About Norsk e-Fuel

Norsk e-Fuel AS is a leading European industry consortium and project development company industrializing Power-to-Liquid production in Norway. By combining innovative technologies, 100% renewable electricity, water, and air captured CO2 are converted into drop-in ready renewable fuels via the Power-to-Liquid (PtL) pathway. Apart from the technology pioneers Sunfire for electrolysis technology and Climeworks for direct air capture technology, the shareholders consist of Paul Wurth/SMS group, a leading international Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company for steel manufacturers and the Norwegian clean-tech investment company Valinor AS, parent company of Norsk Vind, the largest private wind power developer in Norway.

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Vefsn municipality contact:

Mayor Berit Hundåla, Tel + 47481 23 789,

Councillor Erlend Eriksen, Tel +47 905 21 571,

General manager in Mosjøen og omegn næringsselskap, Espen Isaksen, Tel +47 924 85 601,

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