About us

Let's take on the biggest challenge of our lifetime


We rise to preserve our climate and make aviation sustainable    

Norsk e-Fuel was founded in 2019 to drive the transition to renewable aviation by establishing industrial production of sustainable fuels based on CO2 and water.

Aviation is one of the industries where it is particularly challenging to reduce emissions, yet it has been the fastest growing sector in transportation in recent years.

Together with our owners and carefully selected partners, Norsk e-Fuel is set to bring Power-to-Liquid production to industrial scale. As project developer, we are establishing large-scale production sites to deliver synthetic fuels to the aviation industry. We are determined to develop a new value-chain for sustainable fuels, leaving fossil fuels in the ground and allowing you to take off with a greener conscience!


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Our Journey


After 2026

Full-scale production of Alpha Plant

After 2026

March 2024

Signature of supply and distribution agreement with Carbon Centric for biogenic and liquid CO2

January 2024

Signing license and engineering design package with NextChem (MAIRE)

January 2024

January 2024

Norwegian joins as investor, Paul Wurth takes lead in shareholder group

January 2024

Norwegian and Cargolux sign offtake agreements

January 2024

January 2024

Announcing partnership with Gen2 Energy on hydrogen supply for e-Fuel production in Mosjøen, Norway

December 2023

Announcing partnership with Paul Wurth (SMS group) and Axens on FEED and technology set-up for the first e-Fuel plant in Mosjøen, Norway

December 2023

April 2023

Announcing partnership with Norwegian incl. the ambition for product offtake and to invest into the company

January 2023

Announcing partnership with Gen2 Energy for green industrial development in Mosjøen

January 2023

January 2023

Land preparation for Alpha Plant starts in Mosjøen

March 2022

Lux-Airport, aerodrome operator of Luxembourg Airport joins as shareholder

March 2022

February 2022

Announcing partnership with Vefsn Municipality to scale our production in Nesbruket Industrial Zone in Mosjøen, Norway

January 2022

Award of SkatteFUNN tax incentive scheme (up to NOK 9,5 million)

January 2022

June 2021

Receiving Project Development Assistance granted by ETS Innovation Fund and EIB

October 2020

Receiving grant from Innovation Norway on project initiation (NOK 1,5 million)

October 2020

June 2020

Announcing the Founding Partners: Sunfire, Climeworks, Paul Wurth (SMS group), and Valinor


Foundation of Norsk e-Fuel


The Team

FINAL_portrait Karl 2

Karl Hauptmeier

FINAL_Websize Portrait_Lars Bjørn Larsen_website

Lars Bjørn Larsen

Portrait_Kristian Flaten_website_2403

Kristian Flaten


Luisa Wagner

Communications & Corporate Development
FINAL_portrait Sam

Samuel Schuster

Carbon Management & CO2 Supply Chain Development

Susanne Krøvel

Senior Legal Counsel
FINAL_Websize Portrait_Ida Larsen_website

Ida M. Larsen

Funding and R&D
Nicolai Website 4

Nicolai Haaber Junge

Strategic Business Analyst

Kristian Jacobsson

Site Manager Mosjøen

Jovana Vranjesevic

Team Operations Specialist

Martin Straub

Senior Project Engineer

Board of Directors

Members to the Board of Directors

N-SMS3113-002 Rassel, Georges_medium_small

Georges Rassel

Chairman of the Board of Directors (Member of the Board of Directors at Paul Wurth/SMS group)

Frank Wagener-min

Frank Wagener

Chief Administrative and Financial Officer at Paul Wurth/SMS group
PIEZANOWSKI Ludivine_small_2

Ludivine Piezanowski

Senior Engineer at Paul Wurth/SMS group

Pål Selboe Valseth

Managing Director at Valinor AS
Tom Weisgerber_LuxAirport_website

Tom Weisgerber

Chairman of the Board lux-Airport


Advisors to the Board of Directors

Christian von Olshausen_Sunfire_website 3

Christian von Olshausen

Co-Founder and CTO of Sunfire GmbH
Christoph Gebald_small_2

Dr. Christoph Gebald

Co-Founder and CEO of Climeworks AG

Terje Osmundsen

Founder and CEO of Empower New Energy AS

Our Shareholders

As a leading technology provider and plant builder, primarily to the steel industry, Paul Wurth (SMS Group) is committed to contribute its engineering and project execution competences to a climate-friendly transformation of the industry.

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Sunfire is a global leader for industrial electrolyzers. Sunfire’s plants, which produce green hydrogen and syngas, enable the sustainable transformation of energy-intensive sectors such as the chemical, fuel and steel industries.


Valinor is a Norwegian family-owned investment company specializing in sustainable solutions: Valinor makes early-stage investments in cutting-edge companies to enable solutions for tomorrow.


Climeworks' direct air capture technology supports you in achieving your climate targets. The air-captured CO2 can be used as a feedstock for a sustainable industry or removed from the air completely by storing it safely and permanently underground. 


lux-Airport is the operating company of Luxembourg airport, a major European cargo hub, that also offers direct flight services to many business and leisure destinations. After achieving the “carbon neutral” certification (level 3+) by ACI, lux-Airport expands its environmental engagement into the production of e-Fuels, to fulfill “Fit for 55” guidelines of the EU Commission.


Norwegian is the largest Norwegian airline and one of Europe’s leading low-cost carriers. Norwegian is a driving force for sustainable solutions and the transformation of the aviation industry. The company’s goal is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 45 percent by 2030. Norwegian wants to make it possible for everyone to fly more sustainable.